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Organic eggs VS regular eggs

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Organic eggs maybe promoted as much safer and more nutritious than those produced by hens on the usual commercial rations. Organic eggs are no higher in nutritive value than regular eggs. There is no evidence that the cholesterol content of eggs is lower in organic than in regular eggs. Do you know what is organic food?

Organic eggs

Organic eggs are produced by hens fed a diet free of pesticide, fungicides, herbicides and commercial fertilizers. The hens are fed with only organic grains, so the danger of the bioaccumulation of pesticides and other toxins in their eggs is minimal. Organic eggs are automatically hormone free.

Free-range eggs

Free-range eggs are produced by hens raised out-doors or that have daily access to the outdoors. Free-range eggs are what we called "common fowl eggs" in Jamaica. Free-ranged eggs are laid by chickens that are raised humanely. The fowls have access to the outdoors. They scratch around in the yard. Jamaican common fowl eggs are smaller than the regular eggs

Which grade of eggs is the best?
Grade AA is the best, however there's little difference between A and AA

Does size matter?
The size of an egg doesn't  affect its taste, but it does affect its nutrients--a larger egg has more protein and calories

eggwhite eggs

What are the main differences between brown and white eggs?
The colour of an eggshell is determined by the breed of hen that laid the egg. White hens lay white eggs while red-feathered hens lay brown ones.

egg yolk with a blind spot

What does it mean when an egg yolk has a blind spot?
Blood spot on egg yolks are caused by a blood vessel rupturing on the yolk while the egg is being formed. These spots are rare. They are perfectly safe to eat

Can you eat eggs after their "sell by" date?
If stored properly in the fridge, eggs should still taste fine and be safe to eat up to two weeks after the "sell by" date.

Are organic and free-range eggs more healthier than regular eggs? (Regular eggs are what we called "machine fowl eggs" or "white fowl" eggs in Jamaica

All of these eggs have the same number of calories and macronutrients. However, some eggs are laid by hens fed a special diet that increases the micronutrients in their eggs.

Why does a hard-boiled yolk sometimes look green?
Yolks turn green when they're overcooked or when there's a lot of iron in the cooking water. It doesn't  affect the nutrients or flavour

What are egg beaters made of?
Pasteurized egg whites, added vitamins and beta-carotene to give them a yellow hue

Can you tell if an egg has spoiled or gone bad?

Some people suggest you place the egg in a cup of cold water and see if it floats; if the egg floats it is bad, and if it sinks, it is good. However, according to my food and nutrition teacher back in school, this test merely indicates that the egg has dried out a little on the inside.

The only reliable test is actually to crack open the egg and inspect it. If the egg smells bad, it has spoiled and should not be eaten. Furthermore, if the yoke is runny, that is a tell-tale sign that the egg almost spoils.

There is a peculiar type of fowl with ruffled feathers and half-naked neck as if they had been partially plucked, we (Jamaicans) called them peel-neck or sensay (senseh) fowl. Superstitious Jamaicans kept sensay fowl in the yard to pick obeah. They believe the fowl will dig out the obeah and keep away crosses and destruction.