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Jamaican June Plum Drink

june plum drink

June plum drink has a pleasant fruity taste! The perfect thirst-quencher for those long and hot summer days! Refrigerate and serve over cracked ice

june plum

June plum, also called 'Jew plum' in Jamaica, has been introduced in Jamaica in 1782. The June plum is a pleasant-tasting, acidic fruit. June plum has a pineapple-mango like fragrance. The fruit can be enjoyed in a variety of juicy and delicious ways. The plum may be eaten when it is green and crispy ( I often eat green June plum with salt) When eaten ripe, the flesh is soft and juicy and sweet in taste.
It can be blended into a refreshing and satisfying drink, or stewed and eaten as a dessert, stewed in meat to enhance the flavour of the dish and it can also boiled down with sugar to make a jam (jelly)

Ripe June plum

ripe june plum

1. Wash June plum, (you can peel the June plum if you want, sometimes I do, other times I don't). Remove the flesh from the seed.

2. Wash and dice the ginger and add to the bowl with the June plums.

3. Add a portion of June plum and ginger to a blender, and pour enough water to cover the June plums

4. Blend until well smooth. Pour out the juice into a large bowl

5. Repeat the process until all the June plum and ginger have been blended

6. Strain the juice through a strainer. Strain the juice a second time through a piece of cheesecloth

7. Sweeten with sugar. Serve over cracked ice and enjoy


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