Anise has also been used for centuries in European herbalism to treat coughs and indigestion. An appetite stimulant and a digestive aid, anise also increases semen, cures disease caused by gas, and soothes fevers and burning sensations. Anise is an anodyne, it quenches thirst, cures eye diseases and wounds, and removes mucus from the intestines. Anise is also wormicide. It also helps the spleen, cures diseases caused by bile, and relieves vomiting Read more →

Green tea has been shown to protect against the oxidation of cholesterol to a more toxic molecule (oxidized cholesterol).Consumption of green tea increases antioxidant activity in the blood. Oxidative damage to LDL can promote atherosclerosis Read more →

The ripe aromatic fruit is eaten fresh and the best way is to cut the fruit in halves and scoop out the aril (pulp) with seeds intact with a spoon or eaten with ice-cream, yogurt and in fruit salads. The passion fruit seeds are edible and contained the 17 amino acids found naturally in plant protein. Read more →