Easter in Jamaica would definitely not be Easter without the traditional Jamaican Easter Bun complemented with hard cheddar cheese!. This is a delicious Jamaican snack that everyone enjoys. Go ahead, take the challenge and try making your very own Easter bun. You'll be glad you gave it a try. Read more →

Oven-baked breadfruit, is delicious, especially when the breadfruit is "turn", as we say in Jamaica, meaning it is slightly ripened. Breadfruit is also called "breshay" by some Jamaicans. The best breadfruit to be roasted or baked is the yellow heart, meaning inside the breadfruit is yellow if you can't get the yellow heart use the white heart instead. Read more →

Herbs and spices enhance the smell and taste of food. It is important to learn what proportions work best. Mild spices and herbs can be blended successfully, since each flavour will have a chance to come through. It is also very important not to mask a mild spice with a stronger one. In this video, I will share with you how to balance different flavour concentrations. Read more →