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 Cow foot recipe

Can we eat cow foot? ewe! you might say. It was my Jamaican aunt who introduced me to this dish. Cow foot dish is popular in Jamaica and other island as well. Since the meat of cow is edible why not the foot!.

cow foot


2 lbs. cow foot (chopped and cleaned)

2 peg garlic (crushed)

1 small onion (chopped or sliced)

1 stalk scallion

1 sprig thyme

1 small scotch bonnet hot pepper

2 tsp. meat browning

salt to taste

1 tsp. black pepper

4 seeds pimento (crushed)

3 tsp. oil

Water for cooking


NB: It is best to buy cow foot from your local butcher’s shop to be sure that you are actually getting cow foot.Open-mouthed smile

Wash cow foot with vinegar, put to drain, add all ingredients to it. Use hand to rub seasons to meat. Leave to marinate for two hours. Put pot on fire and add the cooking oil to it, add the  cow foot to it, do not add the scallion,thyme,hot pepper (To avoid the cow foot popping in the hot oil, do not allow the oil to become hot before putting the cow foot in it.) stir then add some water to it then cover the pot, allow the cow foot to boil until tender. Add hot pepper,thyme,scallion to pot cover and allow it to shimmer for ten minutes. Add ketchup (optional) to meat three minutes before removing it from fire.

 Jamaican brown stewed cow foot

Serve with cooked dumplings or cooked rice


Some people use pressure cooker to prepare cow foot, I do not use it. You can also add butter beans or bake beans to it .


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