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Red peas soup with pig ’s tail Recipe




1 pound fresh pig's tail

1 pound red kidney peas (red beans)

2 cloves garlic (crushed)

1 pound yellow yam (peeled, washed, sliced)

1 pound sweet potatoes (peeled, washed, sliced)

2 stalks scallion

1 sprig fresh green thyme

1 medium size green scotch bonnet pepper

2 sachet coconut milk powder or use this method

1 pound all-purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

3 Seeds pimento

3 Okras ( washed, diced)

6 litres water (maybe more)

1/2 pocket cock soup mix

small piece pumpkin

1 medium size carrot

1 small Irish potatoes


pot with water


Follow this method, how to get rid of the extra salt in the pig's tail

Pour water into a large pot, add red peas, garlic, pimento seeds and pig’s tail cover pot and bring to boil until peas and pig’s tail is softened or cooked.


peel Irish potatoes, carrot and pumpkin, wash then diced them.


Cover pot and allow vegetables to cook. prepare the dough in the meantime, NB: Do not add any corn meal to the flour, unless you prefer it that way.


Peel sweet potatoes and yellow yam


Wash, slice or chunk then add to pot.


Add coconut milk to pot, cover and allow to shimmer for twenty minutes. Add dumplings to pot (make them small) then add cock soup mix. Stir and shimmer for ten minutes.


Remove stems  from okras, wash then dice them, then add to pot


Wash scallion, thyme and pepper, then add to pot.


Cover pot and continue to shimmer over moderate to low flame, stir every three minutes until soup becomes thick. add salt to taste.



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good recipe but we must cook with little coconut milk because of the high fat content

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