How To Prepare Crab PT.2---Jamaica
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How to cleaned crab


 Jamaican land crab prepartion


Crabs should be eaten in the months that do not contain the letter "R" because, they have eaten the flowers from coffee plants rendering them slightly poisonous. It is also advised not to catch female crabs with eggs. (the eggs means future crabs) The Black or Blue Crab and the White or Yellow Crab are the edible ones. Crabs are easily caught after the rains or during full moon.


Crabs are never easy to catch and usually put up a decent fights, often it is the expertise and skill of the catcher that decides who wins the fight. If you manage to corner the crab your next concern is getting it into the bag. There are two types of crabs left-handed and right handed, you will know the difference by the way that they walk, left or right. The left-handed crab are the tyrants, very difficult to catch because they can turn on their back very fast.


You should hold the crab by the back. Be careful to avoid the ominous claw which, the crab will hook your hand well and proper and then shed, while still holding you hostage.

holding crab

Remove the claws from the crab, while holding it by the back.

Wash The Crabs

washing crabs

Crabs are stored alive, in a drum or a crab pen made of cement. They are also cooked alive because they can be poisonous when dead.

brushing crab

Use a toothbrush or small scrubbing brush, clean the entire crab carefully. Wash crab in clean water.

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