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How to cleaned crab

How To Prepare Crab PT.2---Jamaica

 How to prepare crab

Continuing from part 1.

open crab back

kill the crab by removing its back while it is still alive. Remove the back of the crab and the piece underneath the body.

crab fat

Use a clean fork and scrape out the fat from inside  the crab’s back into a clean container. Careful not to touch the faeces. (my cousin sure knows about crab inside and out) The crab’s fat will be use later for cooking the crab, but for now it should be covered then place in the freezer of the refrigerator.

crab back

Wrap the back in thick pieces of newspaper, then wrap in plastic garbage bag, then put it in the trash can outside, away from dogs reach.

front of the crab

Use a shape knife to cut the front of the crab into two halves.

front of the crab

The crab meat appeared dark-brown because of the crab’s fat. Do not wash the crab meat at this point. Cover and place in refrigerator.

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i love your blog! Thank you for doing this and you are an expert at cooking! :) Please never stop doing your thing!


Thanks for visiting and youre welcome.

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