Jamaican Curried crab Recipe
How To Prepare Crab PT.2---Jamaica

How To Prepare Crab PT.3---Jamaica


Continuing from part2

crab's claw

Now, this is headache, my cousin had to leave for his work earlier than I do, so I had to tackle this task before going to my 8AM job. I do not buy cooked crab from vendors, neither do I eat it from everyone, I have to know that it was cleaned up properly and that person is capable of doing it. Cleaning all those little tiny crab claw's takes time and patience.

crab nail

First you soak them for about ten minutes in  water, then scrub them one by one with a scrubbing brush (washing brush) removing all dirt from them. Then, use a machete and cut off the nails (the yellowish end part) from the claw.

cut crab's nail

See, nails has now been removed from the claws.

big claws

For the bigger claws you do the same but, cut in the joints, like I do.

cleaned crab claws

All of the claws have been removed, wash crab claws with clean fresh water (no bleach, use lime or vinegar)

season crab

Combine the crab front with the claws in a big container. Add black pepper, salt and three pegs crush garlic to it. Stir well with a big spoon.

covered seasoned crab

Cover then place in fridge. I will cook it later after I get home from work, but if I was not cooking it today and maybe tomorrow or there after, I will have to put it into a zipper bag and put in the freezer section of the fridge.




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