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To skin a tomato easily, place a fork through the stem end, plunge  into boiling water, and then into cold. Break skin from blossom end and peel back

An easy substitute for one cup of medium white sauce is 3/4 cup condensed cream of mushroom soup blended with 1/4 cup cold water

For fancy Ice cubes, place red and green maraschino cherries in compartments of ice cube tray. Fill with water and freeze.

To avoid diluting punches and other beverages, make juice cubes. Pour fruit juice into ice cube trays and freeze

Store coffee in the refrigerator or freezer to keep it fresh longer.

Tomatoes, oranges, lemons, etc., which have been cut may be placed, cut-side down, on a plate and refrigerated

Shortening should be stored at room temperature, and butter or margarine should be refrigerated

When frying, cover skillet with a colander. It will prevent fat from spattering, and yet allow food to brown and steam to escape.

Never shake measuring cup when measuring dry ingredients. Spoon lightly into cup (except for brown sugar), then level with a straight-edge knife

To measure brown sugar, pack it into a measuring cup until it holds its shape. Level.

To keep bowl from slipping on working surface, place it on a folded wet towel

Add a little baking soda to the water when cleaning the refrigerator. It will absorb strong odours.

To keep windows defrosted on cold days, rub alcohol or salted water on the outsides, then polish with paper towelling

When you find a crack in your dish; if it is not too deep, you may be able to make it invisible by boiling it on low heat for about 1 hour in whole milk

Place a   lump of charcoal in the refrigerator. It will absorb strong odours

If you have a lot of stamps to lick, cut a potato in half and the exposed surface is perfect to moisten them.













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