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How to defrost chicken in a flash

Defrosting chicken in quick time


Defrosting is quick and easy in the microwave but times vary according to the form in which chicken is frozen- whole chicken, cut-up, select parts. In general, follow these steps:

How to cook chicken in microwave

  • Remove chicken from freezer wrapper
  • Place on roasting rack in shallow microwave dish
  • Cover with wax paper or plastic wrap with corner vented
  • Microwave on defrost or Medium-Low for 2 minutes; let stand 2 minutes. Repeat, if needed
  • Turn chicken and separate parts as chicken thaws, taking care that it does not begin to cook
  • Giblets defrost quicker than other parts; remove when pliable
  • Bonier parts, such as wings, thaw before meatier parts. A whole chicken requires more defrosting time than parts.
  • Defrosted chicken feels soft, moist and cold but not hard and stiff


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