Dry heat meat cooking
How to fry green plantains ---Jamaican style

Steps for panfrying

Panfrying differs from pan broiling in that a small amount fat is added first, or allowed to accumulate during cooking

Panfrying is a method suited for ground meat, small or thin cuts of meat, thin strips, and pounded scored or otherwise tenderized cuts that do not require prolonged heating for tenderization

panfried chickenpanfried fish

Steps for panfrying

  1. Brown meat on both sides in small amount of oil Some cuts will cook in the fat that comes from the meat. Lean cuts such as cubed steak or liver, and cuts which are floured or breaded, require additional oil on the surface of the frying pan to prevent sticking
  2. If the meat is cooked with a coating, seasoning may be added to the coating ingredients, otherwise, the meat may seasoned after browning
  3. Do not cover the meat, if covered, the meat is braised and will not have the crisp texture inherent to frying, there may be some sacrifice of tenderness for crispness and flavour
  4. Cook at medium heat, turning occasionally. The temperature should be kept below the smoke point of the fat. The object in frying is to cook the meat through while it is browning. Turning occasionally is necessary to promote even (uniform) cooking


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