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How to boiled coconut custard

Jamaican boiled coconut custard recipe

dry coconutcoconut custardcoconut custard



1 large coconut
1 cup water
1/2 of 1 small onion
piece of hot pepper
salt to taste
dash of black pepper
*The amount of custard depends on the size coconut*



Remove the coconut flesh from the shell, then wash it. Afterwards cut into small pieces.


Blend in 1 cup water, strain off the coconut milk. Pour into medium-size pot, Cover the pot. Put to boil over low heat. After 10 minutes add the seasonings, stir, continue to boil until the coconut milk reduces, while stirring every 2 minutes. Boil it until a custard began to form at the bottom,  and the pure oil began to settle on top.


When the custard becomes thick enough, remove from heat. Pass the custard through a sieve to remove most of the oil. This is the raw natural coconut oil; it contains no preservatives. This is the real thing and it is best for us.

The oil

Allow it to cool, then pour into a glass bottle, use it in any dishes. However, the shelf life is short because it contains no Trans-fatty acids. Fatty acids prevent oils  from becoming rancid and to preserve them at room temperature. So use it within 24 hrs..

About coconut custard

Coconut custard can use to compliment any cooked meat, or it can use for the meat. For example, cooked rice serve with coconut custard is great combination. When fried ripe plantain is added the flavour, and taste enhanced, and it also can be served with cooked dumplings. I am serving it with  stewed chicken and cooked Irish potatoes. When salted mackerel is cooked with coconut custard it is called coconut run-dung (or down) How to cook coconut rundown quick and easy




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