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Home remedy to treat threadworm

Commonly called Threadworms in Jamaica, also known as pinworm and seatworm


Threadworms are small white worms about one-third of an inch long. They are found only in the lower end of the bowel, where they cause much itching and irritation just within the anus and about the anus. These worms are passed with the faeces. They also crawl out of the bowel into the clothing. In female children and adults the worms may crawl into the vagina and cause itching and a watery discharge.

Old-time treatment

In order to get rid of these worms the following treatment should be given:

Gentian Violet (enteric capsules) For children: 60mg, 3 times daily with food for 8 days---rest for one week and repeat.

For adult .03 gm. capsule, 3 times daily with food for eight days. Rest one week and repeat.

Relieve the itching

To relieve the itching, mix five drops of Phenol (carbolic acid) in 2 tablespoonful of vaseline. Then apply the ointment about the anus area.


Use piperazine if you cannot get Gentian Violet enteric capsules to buy at the pharmacy

If  you scratches or rubs about the anal region, the eggs of the threadworms will get on the fingers and under the fingernails, it is therefore necessary to wash your hands frequently . The fingernails should be kept short. Wash your buttocks daily. These measures must be taken to keep avoid re-infected yourself with the threadworms.  The Spanish Needle is a herbal bush that is boiled to make tea in Jamaica, for getting rid of all types of worms




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