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On Fridays and Saturdays a lot of people flock the fast-food restaurants. Friday my friend and I were driving home from Mo'bay (Montego Bay). As we were approaching a fast-food restaurant, my friend asks if we were going to buy something to eat.

I told him, no sah, mi a go home to cook because right yah now mi raw (English) I preferred to eat home-cooked food because I am very hungry. (raw, means I am very hungry)

Raw is a word use in Jamaica that has various meanings
1. Right now, I am raw (Right now, I am extremely hungry)
2. Fresh fish has a distinctive scent; in Jamaica, we called it raw.

3. If someone gets absolutely anger at you for reasons unknown to you. For example, someone shouted at you, "get out!" Your reply would be, "raw, a wah mi du yu (what have I done to you?")

I told my friend that I have seasoned chicken, fish and unseasoned cut up vegetables in Ziploc bags in the refrigerator. This method is time efficient. A lot of people are thrown off from cooking in the evening after leaving work, because of the amount of time it will take to season the meat, then to cook it. So, why not season the meat beforehand, and kept it frozen in the freezer until ready to cook? Best to use within three days.

I went home and cooked brown stewed chicken and steamed rice (cooked rice) . Dinner was ready within an hour.

rice and chicken

Brown stewed chicken and how to cook white rice. Written recipe Jamaican stewed chicken recipe.

Vegetables, example cabbage can cut up and store unseasoned in a Ziploc bag, when ready to cook, season it.

turkey neckchickencooked turkey neck with cooked gungo rice

How to brown stewed turkey neck




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