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Different types of butterflies in Jamaica


There are over one 133 types of butterflies; thirty-one of which are endemic to Jamaica. Many beautiful types of many different shapes and sizes.  There are a lot of different species of butterflies in Jamaica.The surface of a butterfly's wings are covered with thousands of scales that overlap like roof tiles. Click to see the different types of butterflies in Jamaica and their names

Butterflies are also pollinators and are partly responsible for the beautiful plant life. The life span is depended on the breed. The life of a butterfly is very brief; it can live from anywhere between a few days to months to even twelve months.

Did you know that butterflies are born twice.?

There are four stages of the butterfly life cycle.

1 The butterfly lay on egg; it takes about two days for the egg to hatch into a caterpillar.

2. The caterpillar then eats its egg shell, and then from there, it started eating the leaves of the milk way plant.

3. When they have grown to their full size, they will turn into the chrysalis

4. –And it stays at that stage for about eight days until the butterfly emerges.


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