What is cassava
How to fry Jamaican bammy

How to make Jamaican bammy


Flour is added to the grated cassava to make Jamaican bammy. Click the link to find out what is cassava

Bammy is a flat round bread made from cassava, and was a staple in the Taino diet. Bammy is one of Jamaica's cultural food, and it is best served fried or steamed with fried or steamed fish.

2 lbs. cassava
1 Dutch pot or skillet
1 grater
1 tsp. salt (add a little at a time while tasting)
1/2 cup flour (for foundation)
Piece of cheesecloth

You must put the grated cassava to dry  for at least two hours after extracting the juice. If, not, the bammy will be soft and saggy, and that would not be a Jamaican bammy

Peel the cassava, then wash with water. Cut into medium pieces or leave it as it is.
Grate the cassava, using a grater. Put the grated cassava in the cheese cloth and squeeze out the juice, discard the juice.
Put the grated cassava (residue) on a cookie sheet or on a flat surface; let it remain until it is dry; stirring it from time to time (every 5 minutes, until it is dry) also remove any lumps.
After the grated cassava has been dried, put it into a medium-size bowl and add the flour and salt.Add water a little at a time and  mix the grated cassava and flour into a soft dough
Place a Dutch pot or skillet over very low flames. Put 1 cup of dough into the hot skillet or Dutch pot, use a dish towel to press the dough firmly in the pan so that it takes the form of the bottom of the pan.
Bake each side of the bammy for about 5 minutes. Use a spatula to turn the bammy to bake the other side. Remove bammy when the second side is  baked.




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