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Jamaican coconut drops Recipe

Jamaican coconut dropd

Coconut drops, is the flesh of the coconut, cut into small pieces cooked in sugar water, until the sugar is caramelized, a piece of ginger is added for flavour.

1 dry coconut (not bone dry) cut into small squares or cubes
Sugar to taste (brown sugar is best) crushed
2 1/2 cups water
piece of ginger (1 tbsp.spoon)

Note: Do not use bone dry coconut (extra dry) coconut to make drops, because it will be oily. Bone dry coconut s ideal to make coconut oil. You can tell if the coconut is extra dry by looking at the shell (outer covering) is extremely dark

coconut cut-up

Pour the water into a medium-size thick bottom pot over high heat, bring to a boil, add the sugar. Stir and taste the water to know if it  sweet enough, after adjusting the taste, add the ginger, cover the pot cook the ginger in the sugar water for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, add the coconut pieces. Stir then cover the pot to continue boiling the coconut drops. Jamaican grater cake recipe

After 5 minutes, add the coconut pieces. Stir then cover the pot. After 15 minutes, keep the pot open. Cook the coconut until the liquid becomes thick and  sticky while stirring every 2 minutes to prevent the coconut squares from sticking to the pot

coconut boiling

This is the technical part that throws off a lot of people. The liquid should be sticky and reduces almost to nothing and the coconut pieces should be sticking on each other.

coconut drops cooking

The traditional way of cooling the coconut drops is on banana leaf. However, I dislike that idea, because insects and lizards crawl on banana leaves. You can cool the drops on a cookie sheet

Use a spoon to make different heaps on a cookie sheet. Allow to cool properly. Make sure to filled the pot with water immediately for easy washing

coconut drops

Sometimes because the focus is to get the caramelized sugar liquid to the right consistency, eventually it dried out too much, so when the coconut drops is spooned into heaps the top of the drops, often loose, because the caramelized liquid is what holds the coconut drops together. So, if that happen, just put 1/4 cup of water with 1 teaspoon sugar to boil until it becomes thick and sticky. Then drizzle the caramelized liquid over the top of the drops

You can use shredded coconut (flake) instead of the small coconut squares or cubes

shredded coconutshredded coconut drops



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