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corn asham

Asham comes from the African 'Twi' word for 'parched, ground corn'. I heard it was more popular in years gone-by. Asham is made by shelling dry corn kernels (seeds) from the cob (corn stick)


2 cups dry corn kernels (seeds)

1 deep thick- bottomed pot

Brown sugar to taste

Mortar and pestle


Parch the  corn kernels by placing the pot to be hot over medium heat, then add the kernels to the hot pot. Use a large spoon to stir the kernels occasionally. Remove from heat when the kernels change colour to dark-brown.

Place the parched corn kernels in a mortar using the pestle to pound it until it is similar to sand. Sift into a dry bowl then stir in the sugar. Store in an  air-tight plastic container.

How it is eaten

Use a spoon to scoop some of the asham in the palm of your hand, use the tip of your tongue to lick it.


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