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Proper Human Relationships (The art of living)

The art of living

This is an important element of good citizenship. This calls for (a) consideration
for the feelings of others; (b) respect for the other persons' point of view; (c)
(a) Consideration for the feelings of others.
(i) So many of us want everything for ourselves and our families.Let us
remember that other people have as much right to happiness and the good
things of this world as we. We should all try to bear one another's burdens
by helping others   when the need arises.
(ii) In the eyes of God all men are equal. Every person, regardless of his status
in life has a dignity and importance . He or she
is a human being and should be treated as such.
(iii) All of us are proud of the things we do. Let us cultivate a sense of gratitude
-- the habit of giving  praise and thanks to people for what they do for us,
or what they do for others because of us.  Also we
must not be too ready to blame others, for we all make mistakes.
(iv) We must try to avoid bullying, aggressive,  and critical attitude in our
relations with our friends or subordinates.
(v) We must not be insubordinate to our superiors. Insubordination is distasteful
to any employer. It antagonizes him and  begets retaliation and victimization.
In the long run it is the employee who suffers.
(vi) If we only have a thought to the untold misery which road accidents bring to the homes of so many families, we should all develop a better road sense
and observe the Highway Code.
(b) Respect for the other person's point of view.
  This would be a dull and monotonous world if we all thought alike. It is said
that variety is the spice of life. None of us has a monopoly of brains or ideas.
We must therefore learn to be tolerant of the views and opinions of others.
Don't do all the talking. Listen to what the other persons have to say even if
their view on a question is not the same as yours. There may be a lot in what
they have to say.
(c) Co-operation
  It requires little thought to realize that we have to depend on each other at every
turn of our lives. Production under the modern system is based on "division of
labour" or "specialization," whereby several kinds of workers have to co-operate
to turn out one finished manufactured article. Similarly no one today could be
entirely self-sufficient  Every person has to depend on the labour
of other people for certain commodities which he cannot produce himself. Thus
all workers are dependent on others, whether they be agricultural, manual,
factory, technical, clerical, administrative or professional workers.

Some don'ts

1. Don't do anything in public which will cause embarrassment or unpleasantness to others. For example, don't spit on the pavement,  don't shove your way to the front of a line if you are required to take your place in a queue, don't make uncomplimentary remarks about people as they pass along the street
When speaking to others
a. Don't puff the smoke from your cigarette in their faces.
b Don't monopolize the conversation. Give the other person a chance to say something also
c. Don't argue about religion and politics, it ends nowhere and usually leaves a lot of bitterness behind
At parties or other social entertainments
a. Don't take more than a just share, leave some for the others.
b. Don't sponge; bear your part of the expenses


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