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Bully Beef recipe (Corned Beef)

bully beef

tin beef

Bully beef (tin beef) can be eaten cook or uncooked, it can combined with cabbage or mixed vegetables. Tin beef or bully beef is also called corned beef in Jamaica. Corned beef is called salted beef in Jamaica



2 small tins bully beef

1 small onion, chopped or sliced

1 small ripe tomato, chopped or sliced

piece of hot pepper, chopped or sliced

piece of sweet pepper, chopped or sliced (you can make it colourful by using a piece of both red and yellow sweet peppers, or red and green or yellow and green, etc.,)

1 tsp. black pepper

Just a tiny piece of garlic, less than 1 clove (optional) I put garlic in every cooking.

1 tbsp. cooking oil (I used Olive oil)

1 tbsp. ketchup (optional)



Put the bully beef into a bowl, break up the bully beef with a fork.

tin beef


Put a skillet or Dutch pot over medium heat, pour in the oil, when the oil becomes hot, add all the seasonings, except the black pepper and ketchup (condiments) and sauté for a minute or until translucent, avoid burning the seasonings


Add the bully beef, sprinkle on the black pepper and gently stir, lower the heat to the lowest flames. Cover the pot for a minutes to cook the bully beef. After a minutes, add the ketchup (optional, however, it enhances the taste of the bully beef) gently stir and remove pot from heat.


Best served warm with steamed white rice or boiled dumplings

ripe plantain

Fried ripe plantains enhances the taste of  most food, for example, fried ripe plantains with curried goat and steamed rice is superb. My grand mom likes  fried ripe plantain with cooked bully beef and steamed white rice, she said, it is “es ist köstlich”


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