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Jamaican Guinep


Melicoccus bijugatus,called’guinep’ in Jamaica, is also known as Spanish lime, Skinip, Quenepa, Honeyberry, Mamoncillo, Mapo -- and yes, even "Ackee" in Barbados. Guinep is a cross between a lychee and a small lime.


Guineps are a low fat/low calorie food and are literally cholesterol free. With only 58 calories per serving, guineps make a great snack choice for those trying to lose excess weight. They contain amino acids which can help to lower blood sugar levels.Guineps contain vitamins A and C, which are excellent for boosting the immune system. Vitamin A also helps to prevent the formation of urinary stones. The fruit contains fibre, which is great for preventing constipation and lowering cholesterol. Guineps contain calcium, which is a great mineral for strenthening bones and teeth.


The pulp of the guinep is a combination of sweet and tangy.



The pulp of the guinep fruit can also be made into a refreshing juice, a jam, sauce, and used in desserts. Guinep are prices range from $10 JMD per bungle. Guinep season, late June to late October/early November.



Eat only ripe guineps, otherwise they may be toxic. Guineps should only be given to children with caution/supervision because of the possibility of choking on the large seeds.


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