Sweetsop (sugar-apple)
Jamaican plum

June Plum (Jew Plum)

june plum

June Plum (golden apple)

Spondias dulcis, called June plum in Jamaica. However, it is commonly called ‘jew plum’ by many people in Jamaica. June plum was introduced in Jamaica in 1872.

green june plum

Green June Plum

Green June plum is used to make, stewed June plum or June plum jam and June plum chutney. Blend with ginger or other fruits to make a fruity delicious drink.

Ripe June Plum

ripe june plum

ripe june plum

Ripe June plum is peeled and eaten by itself or lightly sprinkled with salt to enhance the taste

Nutritional Facts about June Plum

June plum contains protein and dietary fibre. It is fat-free, cholesterol-free, and unsaturated.

June plums are  an excellent source of vitamin C, and a good source of vitamin K

June plum is a good source of iron and the unripe ones contain a high amount of protein

The natural antioxidants are good for proper bodily functions


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