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Top 10 fishes Jamaicans Eat

parrot fish

Jamaicans love seafood, especially fish. These are the top ten fishes Jamaicans eat. How to know if seafood is fresh

1. Parrotfish. There are varieties of parrot fish with different colours; to name a few, pink parrot, blue parrot, yellow-tail parrot, pink-tail parrot, slimy head parrot (do not eat) Parrotfish is ideal for frying. Unfortunately, local and international groups are lobbying for a  parrotfish ban. Reason are; parrotfish clean the coral reefs by eating the algae that grow on them. (2) they excrete sand, which is one way of countering beach erosion.So every time you eat a parrotfish you are denying the beach of 800 lbs. of sand.

2. Snapper. Ideal for frying, and steaming.


3. Doctor fish (Garra rufa), ideal for roasting and steaming with the Wrenchman (Soldierfish), or by its self.


4. Wrenchman(Soldierfish) ideal for steaming and roasting.

wrenchman (soldier fish Holocentridae)

5. Grunt. Ideal for steaming and roasting.


Other fishes that Jamaicans eat are:

Herring spat or fryers, ideal for frying

Butterfish, ideal for frying

Turbot fish, ideal for roasting

Jack fish, ideal for frying

Goatfish, ideal for frying

fried fish


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