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soursop juice

Soursop juice is sweetened with condensed milk and nutmeg to make a thick rich drink (a bit heavy) To make soursop juice light and refreshing, sweeten with lime and granulated sugar. Soursop drink is often prepared on Sundays in Jamaica.


Soursop is a large green-skinned fruit with a spikey, rough textured coat and cottony white pulp.The soursop plant is a broadleaf flowering evergreen tree native to Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean

Health benefits

The soursop plant is often used as an ingredient in various traditional herbal medicines, for example, a tea made from the leaf is used to calm the nerves and reduce pain. The soursop leaf and the fruit have also been shown to attack cancer cells without weight loss and hair loss, which happens in chemotherapy. Also, important in your case, the vitamin C from drinking the tea and eating the fruit from the plant is an antioxidant vitamin that helps strengthen the immune system and helps prevent colds and coughs. In addition, soursop provides iron, which can increase the red blood cell count.


Soursop pulp is white and cottony. The flavour is a mix of sour and sweet. Soursop is also eaten like just as it is.

This is the preferred way of sweetening soursop juice in Jamaica. I am using sweetened condensed milk, for a lighter and refreshing soursop drink, use sugar (preferably granulated) and the juice of one lime.


1 fit ripe soursop (1lb)

1 cup water

Sweetened condensed milk

1/2 tsp. nutmeg

1 tsp. vanilla flavouring



Remove skin from soursop


It can be eaten as it is.



Put the soursop into a large container and use both hands to extract the juice by pressing the pulp repeatedly.


Add water and continue pressing.  If using an electric blender, remove all the seeds, because they are toxic.


Put some of the pulp into a sieve, use one hand to press the pulp, allowing the juice to flow through the sieve into a container. Continued doing this until completed.


Strain again to be sure all the pulps are removed from the juice.



Now, lets sweeten the soursop juice. If the juice is too thick, add water to it, until it reaches to the consistency that you desire. Soursop juice texture is heavy, adding sweetened condensed milk to it will give it a heavier texture. Sweeten with condensed milk.

soursop juice

Add vanilla and nutmeg and stir. Put to be chilled or serve with cracked ice. (I rather to to be chilled because ice water-down the soursop drink)

soursop drink

For variation: Soursop pineapple drink.  Add 1/2 cup of pineapple soda to 1 glassful of soursop drink

soursop drink



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