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Jamaican fish soup recipe

Jamaican fish soup

Jamaican fish soup is the same as fish tea. It is popular called fish soup in Jamaica, and not fish tea. Fish soup is often sold at events, whether street dance, stage shows, parties, you name it. The doctor fish and the wrenchman are the two fishes that are used to make fish soup in Jamaica; these fishes are called by different names in other countries.

Jamaican wrenchman and doctorfish

Doctorfish (correct name is Acanthurus chirurgus, also known as doctorfish tang) Wrenchman(is a member of the Myripristinae, also known as soldierfish). If these fishes are not available to you, use what you have. Unlike the other Jamaican soups, fish soup consistency should not be thick. Some people put carrots, dumplings, yam, pumpkin and other ingredients in their fish soup, that is their personal preference because Jamaican fish soup does not contain any food, except green bananas.  In this recipe, I will show you how to cook Jamaican traditional fish soup. It is simple with just a few ingredients.


2 cups water

1 pk. fish flavoured soup mix

1 lb. Doctor and Wrenchman (about 3 medium-size fishes) scaled/gutted/washed in vinegar and water solution

1 whole green hot pepper, washed

Piece of fresh thyme, washed

1 stalk scallion, washed/chopped

2  fingers green bananas, peeled/ cut into small chunks

Salt to taste



Put a medium-size Dutch pot with 2 cups of water on high heat and bring to a boil. Add the 3 fishes and the banana chunks, cover and cook for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, remove the fishes from the pot, and put into a container to cool. Lower the heat to low, add the scallion, thyme, hot pepper and fish flavoured soup mix. Stir, cover the pot and simmer.

I put the fish flavoured soup mix into a sieve to separate the noodle from the flavour. Discard the noodles and put the flavour into the pot.


De-bone the fishes (remove the flesh from the bones). Discard the bones and add the fish flesh to the soup. Stir, taste the soup and adjust the taste by adding the amount of salt it needed. Turn the heat to medium. Simmer the soup for about 5 minutes more. Remove and serve hot. The fish soup can serve as an entree or an appetizer, it goes well with fried crouton.

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