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Key Lime

key lime

Key lime is called West Indian lime in Jamaica, or just lime. Jamaican used lime juice for different purposes:

  • To make lemonade
  • To wash the slime off raw chicken
  • Cut the rawness from fish
  • Mixed with honey or salt to remove mucous from throat
  • To remove fish bone/s stuck in the throat
  • Mixed with baking soda and use as a facial mask
  • 2 tsp. lime juice into a glass of water will keep you hydrated and cleans fat from the blood.
  • Good for boil . Roasted lime place over the affected area will  relieve the pain and bring pus to the surface where it can be easily removed.
  • For high blood pressure: Squeeze the juice of one lime in a young coconut water
  • Use to remove ink stains, fruits stain and iron rust.
  • The juice is the key ingredient in the famous key lime pie

Eat more lime if:

There is a wound that takes a longer time than usual to heal.

* There is easy bruising.

* There is clotting or blood clots in or under the skin.

* You experience general weakness.

* You experience loss of appetite.

* You experience poor digestion or unexplained loss of weight.

* You experience chest burns.

* You experience nose bleed.

* You have sore and bleeding gum.

* You have loose teeth.

* You have anaemia.

* You experience joint tenderness and swelling.

* You experience shortness of breath.

Key limes  have a definite acidity. They're tart, sharp and  sour, even more so than other limes -- they're almost borderline bitter. Key limes have a very distinctive aroma, which makes them valuable for culinary use. You cannot substitute key limes for regular lime, its in a class of its own. Be careful when picking key limes, the tree has a lot of thorns (we called thorns “macca”, in Jamaica). Key limes turn yellow when ripen.

key lime

key lime


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