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Sorrel Ribena drink recipe


Christmas is just a month and a half away. Most people already knew that sorrel is the official Christmas beverage in Jamaica. I like combining sorrel drink and black currant juice together. It tastes so refreshing. Sorrel drink is prepared various ways; it depends on the individual preferences. I personally like fermenting my sorrel drink, because it gives the sorrel drink a winery taste.


Ribena is the syrup made  from black currant. Black currant is very tart, or sour as we say in Jamaica, therefore, it blends well with the sorrel.


I blend the Ribena with water, then strain off the liquid through a piece of cheese cloth, then discard the pulp. I prefer blending the Ribena because I want the juice to be light. If you prefer a syrupy liquid, boil the Ribena with water and granulated sugar, then strain off the syrup.

Ingredients to make Ribena juice
1 lb. Ribena/blackcurrant
1/2 cup water

Ingredients to ferment sorrel
1 1/2 lbs. sorrel
2 cups water
4 tbsp. white rice
1/2 tsp. pimento seeds
Piece of ginger root, peeled/crushed
Granulated sugar to sweeten

To prepare the sorrel


Put a large pot with two cups of water on high heat. Add the ginger and pimento and boil covered for two minutes. In the meantime, wash the sorrel properly. After two, minutes turn off heat. Add the white rice then the sorrel. The water should cover the sorrel about an inch. Cover the pot and allow sorrel to steep, preferably overnight or at least for two hours.

You may ask, how long can I ferment the sorrel for. The sorrel can be fermented  a minimum of an hour to as long as two months. However, you should strain off the liquid. Put some white rice into each glass bottle, pour the sorrel into the bottles and close tightly. Do not sweeten until ready to be use. Keep refrigerated. When opening the bottle be careful, it's like opening a bottle of champagne. You can also add to the fermented sorrel drink, some Red Label wine and Over-proof white rum.

Blend Ribena
Wash Ribena properly. In a blender add the Ribena and water, blend until smooth. Strain through a piece of cheese cloth into a container. Strain twice if prefer, this will ensure all the pulps are removed.

Remove the sorrel flowers, strain off the sorrel drink. Sweeten with granulated sugar. Next, add the Ribena to the sweeten sorrel, stir to blend well. Here it, fermented sorrel drink mixed with blackcurrant juice, refreshing and nice.

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