Jamaican Proverbs & Meanings
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Jamaican Proverbs for inquisitive people

Jamaican proverbs are usually understood as a brief, wise precept or maxim used for a long time by many people to express a truth or to point out a moral lesson


Cackroach noh business inna fowl fight
English: A cockroach has no business in a fowl fight
Meaning: Keep out of other people's business

Cap noh fit yu noh tek ih up
English: If a cap doesn't fit you, leave it alone
Meaning: Keep out of issues that don't concern you!

Cow noh hab noh business inna hawse-play
English: Cows have no business in horse-play
Meaning: People should mind their own business

Bucket wid hole ah battam noh bizniz ah rivaside
English: A bucket with a hole in the bottom has no business at the riverside
Meaning; Keep out of people's business, especially when you have secret yourself

Drunk man talk di truth
English: A drunken man speaks the truth
Meaning: People are under the influence of alcohol; they invariably speak the truth



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