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Pineapple Peel Drink

pineapple drink

Pineapple peel drink with ginger. Don't throw away your pineapple peel; use it to make a light and refreshing drink or tea. When you boiled the pineapple peel, you destroyed all the nutrients and enzymes.

Pineapple contains a proteolyic enzyme bromelain, which digests food by breaking down protein. Bromelain is found mostly in the stems and skin of pineapples and is available as a dietary supplement.

Chilled pineapple peel drink

pineapple drink

Peel from 1 large pineapple, washed
Piece of ginger root (less than 1 oz.)
2 cups boiling water
Granulated sugar or honey to sweeten

1. Put pineapple peel into a glass jug. Add the ginger and water. Cover and steep for two hours.
2. Strain off pineapple drink then sweeten to taste
3. Serve chilled


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