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tamarind balls

I've always loved tamarind, and even as an adult, I still suck on tamarind from time to time. Tamarind balls, which most likely came to Jamaica with Indian indentured labourers in the 19th century, is another popular sweet now considered a national candy. Tamarind balls are made by kneading tamarind pulp and sugar and forming them into balls left to air dry.


As children, my two brothers, sister and I used to raid Mr Old-young (He was old and his surname was Young, so, he was called Mr Old-Young in the community) tamarind tree.

It was while we were going home from one of those many raids that we pounced upon four gunmen-two began shooting at us. None of us got shot, we run in the nearby bushes, and the gunmen didn't bother to look for us. They walk on by. I pissed up myself, and I were traumatized. I was ten years old. Soon after, my father moved his family out of the ghetto. HOORAY!

24 tamarind pods (remove shell)
Brown or granulated sugar
1/8 tsp. white rum (optional, however, the rum will  add flavour and make it more palatable.)
Put shelled tamarind into a container. Add sugar and rum.

Rub the tamarind flesh into the brown sugar, and form into little balls. The more sugar you combine, the bigger the balls will grow, and the tartness of the tamarind will be masked.
Enjoy your tamarind balls


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