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Jamaican brown stew chicken back

brown stew chicken back

Brown stew chicken back recipe. Chicken back is the carcass of the chicken; you know the bony part of the chicken, which most people throw away or used to make a chicken stock?

Hey massive and crew, long time nuh chat. wa gwaan mon? Everything cook and curry? (wa gwaan means, what's happening, everything cook and curry means is everything OK). Have you tried my sweet and sour chicken liver recipe or my Jamaican sorrel drink recipe? Jerked chicken back is sweeter than jerk chicken. Jerked chicken back recipe is coming soon!

Remove all fats and skin from the chicken back. Wash with vinegar and water or lime/lemon and water (1 tbsp. vinegar, lime or lemon juice, mixed with 2 cups water). Drain.

In a bowl season with all the ingredients, except the oil. Cover and marinate for at least an hour (optional)

Put a Dutch pot on high heat with oil. Put the seasoned chicken back into the hot oil. Stir and cover. Chicken back will cook in its own juice for a couple of minutes.

When the water dried out. Add the 2 cups of water, cover pot and cook chicken back until the water reduced. taste and add more salt if needed.

Add 1 tbsp. of ketchup (optional). Reduce heat and simmer to gravy. Remove from heat and serve with your favourite food, whether cooked dumplings or rice or whatever you chooses.


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