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I almost got robbed at an ATM



Hello, everyone, I am back! Yayyyy. Don't mind me and my antics. I am feeling so lucky to be alive and well. Having gone through a rather nerve-rocking experience a month ago I am giving the almighty thanks. I had lost quite a few co-workers over the years due to robbery, so, I always on my Ps and Qs or so I though.



Yes "almost" because I shot the MF before he could rob me of my vehicle and money. He had a rusty gun, and I have a cleaned one. And my cleaned gun came through for me. He is in a hospital under police guard, nursing two gunshot wounds.   I cannot say where and where on his body, he got the shots.I cannot believe that the man was going to shoot me and rob me of my money and vehicle, what a wicked man.

While I cannot go into specific details because it is a police case. I can tell you that, I have just withdrawn some money from the ATM, which is a very uncommon thing to do for me. I usually withdraw from inside the bank. I detest using an ATM card.
However, due to an emergency, I had to go to an ATM that night. After withdrawing a certain amount of cash, as I was walking towards my vehicle, a lone gunman approaches me out of no where. He is a deportee. He migrated from Jamaica at the age of 6 and was deported back to Jamaica March 2017,   I  cannot  say anything more at this time. When the case is closed, I can go into details. I like how the Jamaican police officers deal with robbery cases that involved  license fire arm holders, when we are in the right because they do not give the names of the license firearm holder neither the sex; its up to the person if he or she wants to be identified. I am OK now, was kind of shocked up, but I am OK and more recipes to come soon.



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