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sorrel drink

Sorrel is an excellent source of trace minerals and other nutritional elements essential to health. It’s rich in Chromium, Copper, Manganese, Iron, Selenium, Calcium and Phosphorus. Sorrel contains an acid which blocks the digestion and absorption of starch, a major source of calories and weight gain. Sorrel’s famous red colour is due to compounds known as Hibiscus anthocyanin.

The best sorrel comes from Jamaica!

red sorrel

There are actually two kinds of sorrel. There is the red sorrel (Hibiscus  sabdariffa) and there is green sorrel(Rumex acidosa). Despite sharing a name and a sour taste, the plants are totally unrelated.

How to make sorrel drink from dried sorrel

The sorrel that I am using has only been dried for four days  because the weather is unpredicted in Jamaica at this time. Just two or three hours of sunshine, then the rest of the day is cloudy or rain is falling, and the sorrel is about to go bad  so its best that I use it. The drier the sorrel; the more health benefits you will get from it.


2 lbs. dried sorrel or 100g pack dried sorrel, washed properly

4 cups of room temperature water (tap water-do not use boiling water)

Enough ginger root (to suite your taste) About 4 oz. is enough

Warning:  Do not use ginger or brown sugar for persons on a low-potassium diet, such as persons with kidney disease. Ginger and brown sugar are high in potassium and may cause the heart to beat faster and result in a heart attack. Instead, sweeten with white sugar


Wash sorrel thoroughly, drain and place in a large container

Wash ginger (if using) peeling is not necessary, also place ginger into the container with the sorrel.

Pour 4 cups of tap water on the sorrel and ginger. Cover and allow to stand for at least 4-5 hours, preferably overnight

Strain and then sweeten

Serve chilled or with ice.


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