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Jamaican authentic escoveitch sauce

escoveitch sauce

This is the traditional method of preparing Jamaican escoveitch sauce. Escoveitch sauce also called pickle was introduced in Jamaica by the Spanish Jews. The Spanish Jews also introduced the method of frying to Jamaica. Fry fish recipe

Happy Easter one and all!

Escoveitched fish is fried fish marinated with escoveitch sauce.

fried fish

This the the traditional Jamaican Escoveitch sauce recipe

The traditional ingredients to make the escoveitch sauce are:
1 carrot/ washed/scraped
1 onion/ sliced/rings separated.
1 Scotch Bonnet pepper/ sliced.
1/3 cup white vinegar (The amount of ingredients use depends on the number of fish that you fried. This amount of escoveitch sauce that I prepared is for eight fried fish)

Make the escoveitch sauce before you fry the fish because the onion, carrot and hot pepper should sit in the vinegar for a while so that the flavours will be fused together and this will make the escoveitch sauce very tasty and smell so good

Use a vegetable peeler and make some very thin slices with the carrot (sliver). Traditionally, the carrot is not julienne; it is shredded on a grater, but you can also use a vegetable peeler as well and get the same result. Separate the onion rings.

Put a pot on low heat and add the vinegar. Add all ingredients. Let them simmer into the vinegar for about two minutes. Then turn off heat. Cover the pot and allow the flavours to come together while you fry the fish.

Let the excess oil drained from the fried fish before adding the escoveitch sauce.


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