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Jamaican carrot ginger juice

carrot ginger drink

The heat is on in Jamaica. The heat is awful. While water is the best choice to rehydrate, one's body often called for something other than water. Carrot ginger juice is one of the many juices to choose from. Carrot juice with ginger or lime is light and refreshing. Jamaican apple juice would also an excellent choice

carrot ginger juice

Carrots (I used 12 medium-size)
Ginger root (Use according to your likeness
Water (The water should slightly cover the carrots and ginger)
Sugar to sweeten (I used granulated sugar. I used just a small amount)
Depending on the size of the blender, you may need to blend the carrot and ginger in batches.


I scraped my carrots (do what pleases you). Remove heads and tips. Cut each carrot into four or five pieces. This is to help the blender's blade.

Wash ginger, you can scrap your ginger is you so desire. I was too lazy to scrape mine. I washed it thoroughly then cut into pieces.

Put some of the carrots and ginger into a blender with enough water and blend until smooth, then pour into a container and do the same for the second batch.

Strain through a piece of cheese cloth into another container

Sweeten to taste. Serve ice cold


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