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Pineapple watermelon apple juice

fruit juice

Pineapple, watermelon and apple juice. Pineapple, apple and watermelon blend together make a light and refreshing juice


At this time of the year in Jamaica, the sun shines brightly and rainfalls are limited. Therefore, the fruits that are in season are extremely sweet with their natural sugars.  I did not put any form of sweetener in the drink. This is optional. I strain the juice through a piece of cheese cloth because I was going for a lighter taste.


2 lbs. pineapple ( I used sugarloaf; the sweetest pineapples in the world)
3 lbs. watermelon, seeds removed
2 apples ( I used my local apples, called Otaheite)
Enough water to blend the fruits
No sweeteners, however, you can sweeten lightly with granulated sugar if you desired additional sweetness.

Wash the  apples and cut into pieces, discard seeds.
Peel pineapple and cut into pieces
Do the same for the melon

Blend fruits into enough water. Strain and enough with ice or put to be chilled.


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