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One of the most used herbal remedies is a first aid treatment for diarrhoea. One teaspoon full of Slippery Elm Powder is mixed with one cup of distilled water. The mixture is brought to a boil while stirring.

It is simmered for two to three minutes and then taken off the heat. For dogs, one tablespoon of honey is stirred in and the mixture is cooled. Cats and small dogs (up to twenty pounds) receive half to one teaspoon. Medium dogs (twenty to forty pounds) get two teaspoons to two tablespoons. Large dogs (over forty pounds) should get three to four tablespoons. This remedy is given four times a day. The mixture can be covered and kept at room temperature for up to two days.

purple cone flower infusion

Cats are very vulnerable to abscess formation. Puncture wounds tend to build up infection and close over. Heal them using a Purple Coneflower (Echinacea Angustifolia) infusion. One cup distilled water is boiled and poured over one teaspoon dry or one tablespoon fresh Echinacea. The mixture is covered and steeped for fifteen minutes. The liquid is extracted by straining through cheesecloth. This infusion is given three times a day by mouth. Cats and small dogs get half a teaspoon. Medium dogs get one teaspoon and large dogs get one tablespoon. As an alternative, the tincture is available in health food stores. Dilute three drops in one tablespoon of distilled water and give the same doses as the infusion. Abscesses also need external treatment to open and induce drainage. Soak a cloth in the warm Echinacea infusion or tincture and apply it to the abscess. Put a dry towel over the compress to keep in the heat. After five minutes, refresh the compress by dipping the cloth back in the warm solution, wringing it our and reapplying. Treat for fifteen minutes twice a day for up to two weeks. For wounds that are slow to heal and beginning to festeran infusion of Marigold (Calendula Officianalis) can be made using the same process.

Anal Glands sometimes become impacted in dogs. They will scratch the anal region or scoot on the floor when this happens. A warm infusion of either Marigold flower (Calendula Officianalis) or Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense) will stimulate the glands and soften their contents. Right after the compress, gently press the glands to stimulate them to empty.

Pets often develop smelly, watery ear discharges. Mix one teaspoon Calendula tincture with half a teaspoon sea salt and one cup distilled water. Flush and massage the ear canal twice a day.

These are gentle, natural herbals to use for first aid. Any condition that does not resolve in a few days should receive professional help. A physical exam and further diagnostic workup may be needed. Keep in mind that some pets (cats, especially) shut down emotionally when they are medicated constantly. Western herbal medicine is very versatile and can be used to treat most diseases naturally and without the side effects of pharmaceutical medicine. In addition, Traditional Chinese Medicine includes a powerful pharmacy of Herbal medicines. Chinese Herbals are stronger in effect than Western Herbals and must be accurately prescribed based on the pattern of imbalance in the patient. Because of this, they are available by prescription only


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