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How to get rid of smelly armpits permanently?


Do you have smelly armpits? Try this easy 100% safe home remedy that works every time.

Fresh perspiration is practically odourless. Body odour is due to bacteria that grow readily on the skin when it is warm and moist.

  1. Cut 1 lime in halves then rub both armpits five minutes before taking a shower
  2. Do this every day.
  3. You’ll see the result, no more smelly armpit. This works great every time

Note: Deodorants are supposed to help combat sweating. Compensatory sweating is indeed a risk if you tend to spray yourself too liberally with anti-perspirants whose active ingredient is aluminium. Aluminium prevents the stimulation of the sweat glands. But sweat plays an important part in regulating body temperature so the sweat glands will simply find another way to do their job.


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