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bird pepper

A cayenne a day keeps the doctor away. Cayenne or bird pepper as it is known locally is a staple and medicine for people the world over. It is one of the most powerful and yet harmless natural stimulants, owing to its nonnarcotic properties.

Cayenne may be used as a condiment and as medicine. It is especially good for colds and flu. Swallow two peppers twice a day or sprinkle a small amount of the powdered herb over your meal or make some tea with the powder to do the trick. It's also a powerful stimulant, which influences the heart immediately and equalises blood pressure. It is good for internal and external bleeding, and acts as a catalyst for other herbal medicines to work effectively.

People who suffer from strokes, heart attack, arthritis, rheumatism and backaches due to kidney disorders should find it helpful. It is also very beneficial in cases of diabetes as it lowers the blood sugar level and will alleviate kidney problems. It is also the best thing for healing ulcerated stomach.

In addition, it is beneficial for aging people. It is said to prevent heart attacks and can act as an internal disinfectant against tumours, sore throat, chills, congestion and indigestion. It also aids in the assimilation and elimination of the large and small intestines. It is great, too, for indigestion as it helps to rid the body of gas and heals the stomach while digestion continues to take place. It is also a good agent for suppressed menstruation.

I have used it even for eye lotion with aloe vera and the doctor has informed me that my eyes are healthy. Taking cayenne alone internally helps the eyes, especially for diabetics.

In preparing the eye lotion, you only need a tincture of cayenne to half a pint of aloe vera/rosemary (boiled together). This is a good eye cleanser and is also very good for sore throat.


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