How to make Ribena drink at home

Ribena drink

Cool refreshing Ribena drink. My father loves Ribena drink. Ribena is called blackcurrant in the USA. Watch my daddy makes his version of Ribena drink. Oh, by-the-way, Ribena drink combined with sorrel at Christmas is a wicked combination, here is the recipe. Ribena drink is also mixed with any fruit wine makes a great accompaniment. Watch video below and subscribe to YouTube channel


Ribena (not sure of the amount)
Piece of ginger root
Enough water to barely cover Ribena
Granulated sugar to sweeten (use what you preferred)
Juice of 1 green lime

Note: Use just enough water to barely cover Ribena because if you use too much water, the drink will be weak in taste

Its best to use freshly picked Ribena. Remove stems and wash thoroughly. Put a big pot with water on medium heat, scrape and wash ginger root, then add to the pot. Cover pot and boil ginger root for 5 minutes to infuse the flavour into the water

After 5 minutes, turn off heat. Put Ribena into the water, cover pot and set aside on the kitchen counter overnight. Bright and early the next morning, use a clean hand to crush the Ribena (watch video to see instructions)


Pass the Ribena pulp through a strainer. Then strain the Ribena mixture through a piece of cheesecloth. Sweeten with white sugar then add the juice of one lime. Pour into a jug and keep refrigerated.

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