Oven roast chicken Jamaican style
No churn Passion fruit ice cream

Jamaican breadfruit punch


Breadfruit punch, of all the Jamaican punches, breadfruit punch is my family's favourite. Let me quickly admit, that myself and family are not so much into the other punches, especially my husband who is adamant that strong back punch benefit is a myth. Its best to use slightly ripened breadfruit to make the punch.  I honestly doubt breadfruit punch has health benefits, even though breadfruit is high in potassium. Breadfruit punch is delicious, words cannot explain the deliciousness of the punch, it's like a smoothie. Try the recipe for yourself


3 slices breadfruit

2 tin (canned) Nutriment/ you can used suppligen or any other malted milk

Sweetened condensed milk



Use all ingredients to suite your taste


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