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Reggae Artiste Koffee Involved in Altercation on American Airlines Flight

Reggae artist Koffee

Reggae artiste Koffee was reportedly involved in an altercation aboard an American Airlines flight from Kingston to Miami. According to sources, Koffee attempted to use the first-class restroom even though she was seated in economy and was refused entry by a flight attendant. The situation escalated into a confrontation, causing the pilot to circle while flight attendants attempted to diffuse the situation.

International civil aviation requirements state that an aircraft cannot take off or land with any passenger standing in the aisle. As a result, the flight landed two hours later than scheduled at the Miami International Airport, with passengers being allowed to disembark while Koffee was reportedly being interviewed by authorities.

Although details surrounding the incident remain unclear, it serves as a reminder for all passengers to follow airline regulations and avoid any altercations that could delay a flight or cause harm to themselves or others.


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