Delicious Soursop Juice Recipe for Refreshing Drinks

Carrot Ginger Juice Jamaican style

carrot ginger juice

Discover the Ultimate Carrot Ginger Juice Recipe: Boost Your Health and Delight Your Taste Buds

  • 4 large carrots, washed and peeled
  • 1-inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • Sugar (to taste)



  1. Cut the carrots into smaller pieces to fit into your juicer chute.
  2. Peel the ginger and cut it into smaller chunks.
  3. Juice the carrots and ginger together in your juicer.
  4. Once the juice is extracted, pour it into a pitcher or container.
  5. Add 2 tablespoons of lime juice to the carrot-ginger juice.
  6. Sweeten the juice with sugar according to your taste preference. Start with 1-2 tablespoons and adjust as needed.
  7. Stir the juice well until the sugar is dissolved.
  8. Serve the carrot ginger juice over ice if desired and enjoy!

Note: If you prefer a smoother juice, you can strain it through a fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth before adding lime juice and sugar.


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