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How to remove Coconut from Shell


One of the easiest ways to remove coconut flesh from its shell is by following these steps: Watch video here

  1. Locate the "eyes" of the coconut. These are the three indented spots at one end of the coconut.

  2. Use a screwdriver, a clean nail, or a similar tool to puncture the softest of the three eyes. Make a hole that is large enough to insert a straw.

  3. Drain the coconut water into a bowl by holding the coconut over it and tipping it upside down.

  4. Once drained, place the coconut in a plastic bag or wrap it in a towel. This will help to prevent any mess and make it easier to break the coconut.

  5. Find a hard surface, such as concrete or a stone, and firmly strike the coconut around its circumference using a hammer or a heavy blunt object. Rotate the coconut as you strike it to ensure even cracking.

  6. After a few good strikes, the coconut should crack open into two halves. Be careful when handling the cracked coconut, as the edges can be sharp.

  7. Use a butter knife or a similar tool to carefully pry the coconut flesh away from the shell. Start at the edges and work your way around to loosen the flesh.

  8. Once the flesh is loosened, you can easily lift it out of the shell. Trim off any remaining shell or brown skin if desired.


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